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In 1896, the Cubans were rebelling against Spain ... The political flavor of the times under Teddy Roosevelt was expansive and the future of the hemisphere was at stake. In a mystery that hasn't been solved to this day, the Battleship USS Maine exploded in Havana Harbor in 1898, with a loss of 277 lives. The Spanish-American war was prosecuted by an outraged U.S. Congress and the rest is history. Public sentiment never left the Maine and she was surrounded by a cofferdam and many of her artifacts were salvaged in 1912. The hull was towed to sea where she was permanently put to rest. This temporary exhibit of the USS Maine was on loan to us and is permanently housed at the Key West Art & Historical Society in Key West, Florida.

Above: Left to right: Maine's Commission Pennant, The Maine's "Jack"

Left to right: Army uniforms from the Maine; A bell "purported" to be the Maine's from Cuba ... We're checking ... it was not part of the official salvage; The bugle that blew taps on the eve of the explosion.